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Bridge Project

The Development of an area sometime needs a particular connection that road could not afford. Thus, the bridge is used as an infrastructure to overcome the gap. It helps to connect both roads that might be separated by another road, river, strait even more the sea.

We have designed some major and important bridges together with other companies as a join team. We are executing some major highway project in Indonesia mostly regarding the bridge designs. The designs comprise the regular I – girder bridges, which have span widely spread from 15m up 50 concrete girders to 70 m steel girder. The bridges used as under and over bridge.

Also, we have joining the design team of some extra - long span bridges. We were involved in some major long span bridge such as, Pedamaran , Banyumanik I, Banyumanik 2, Gedawang , Interchange Solo – Kertosono. The first bascule bridge in Indonesia at Batu Rusa, the first steel arch bridge that has over 32m wide and 130m total length.